Prissy Pack
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Prissy Pack

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You can have it all!
our award winning feminine care kit 


1 x Mist Me Yoni Oil 

1 x Apple Of My Thighs 

1x Flora Flexin’

1 x Do Me 

1 x Delete That 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
DeJanae Patterson
Never received order

I order over 2 months ago with you all and I have yet to receive my order. I’ve reached out via email and even sent multiple dms on ig. Can you please provide me with a updated on my order? …I don’t want to have to dispute the charge with my bank I would just like to receive my order

Shaye Stevens
Good , Long Shipping

My order took about 3-4 weeks to ship out , I havent tried my products quite yet but they seem good anf the packaging is cute will be keeping the box. I might try a new company though due to how long it had taken, didnt feel like orders were priority or anything. Im a business owner myself and usually on top of orders even within same day with high order sales. 💗

Sabrina Barthelemy
Y’all this has to be pussy crack 🥴

So I been trying to get my hands on my good sis stuff for a while now but she always sells out so fast and now I understand why. Chile I’ve been using EVERYTHING EVERYDAY for like two weeks now and let me tell you she a whole new kitty down there ok. She smells fresher, she tighter, the apple of my thighs is my fiancé favorite cause now I smell like apples down there all the time. At this point I’m trynna build him a house down there cause he don’t want to leave me alone more than usual. At this point I’m checking the site everyday cause I know imma need to replace some things soon and ion wanna miss it no mo I can’t go through life without this shit right here 10 out of 10 y’all highly recommend ooh and the fo me pills for him Chile get those for your man did and thank me later ok. She still leaking from two days ago when we used them. Just get one of everything you won’t be sorry.

Curious Caché
Super Excited!!!

These ladies were referred to me via Instagram, I’ve heard a lot of great things about their products so I decided to give them some play.....I only just received my package today so I can’t review on any results as of yet.....(I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on that note) but, the packaging and the colors are super cute and eye catchy. I love the way they showcase their brand. 💕 #crampfreeperiodchallege !