Delete That ! pH Balancing Suppositories
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Delete That ! pH Balancing Suppositories

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Itching? Discharge? Dryness? Odor? DELETE THAT 


This all natural suppository helps to balance your pH in turn — It also gets rid of BV, Candida, and all the bad stuff that comes with it!  While also nourishing and lubricating restoring moisture. 


Directions: Wash hands thoroughly before inserting. To clear up Yeast/BV: insert 1 pill vaginally daily until symptoms cease. To balance Ph. and increase moisture, use as needed monthly.




Ingredients: Veg capsule, Boric Acid, Aloe, Slippery Elm. 

Customer Reviews

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Marrissa Edwards
Great product!

I very rarely use them but when i do they work great! I only need 1-2.

Ph balance strips

I didn’t receive my Q tip or whatever it is that is used. I told the owner and she never responded. There was also no instructions i had no clue how to use the strips because I've never had to.

Hi Lea ! Thanks for your purchase —

This is the product page for our suppositories not our testing kit.

If you reached out directly to the owner she does not reply personally to customers . However all products have instructions listed very clearly on them & any q-tips can be used. If you want to shoot us an email, although we’ve already discussed this via email with you.. We’re happy to go over it again.

You were using your own urine and a dropper, this isn’t the correct way. Hopefully in the future you can let us know to send you out what is missing so that we can correct it!

Have a great day & don’t forget to Pop That PussTea

Jade B.

I’ve been struggling with a odor down there and doctors kept saying i had a yeast infection but everything they prescribed me never helped. I tried this for 2 days and instantly noticed a difference the next day inserting the pill in. The smell has lighten and the yeast is gone. ima keep using your products cause i’m so amazed and happy at the same time. I’m going to be a customer forever ❤️ Thank you so much.

Dwan Lee
I love it

Works just as amazing as descibed


Love it