Taking periods to a new level of comfort

Hate cramps, bloating and the PMS the comes along with it? Our all natural tea is handmade with organic herbs to ensure the best for ‘that time’ of the month.


We love our natural side.

We know the affects of OTC painkillers and
the feminine products. We create products that
are naturally meant to align you, your body,
and your PussTea.

We understand your needs.

As women we understand you more than
anyone else. We used our own struggle with finding
the "perfect" product to formulate PussTea
for all women!

We are women too.

We are a small black owned and women owned
business - we keep the PussTea poppin' and help our
community to grow when you shop from our
store today.

Prissy Pack

Stay clean, fresh, and balanced, even during your
period with our naturally-derived menstrual
product. Minimize bacteria and have a more
peaceful period with herbal-Prissy Pack
that create a “cooling” sensation. With our line of
organic pads, tampons and menstrual cups, you
never have to question what's going into your
body. Whether you prefer to use menstrual cups,
tampons or pads, we have the feminine care
products you need.

Who Are We?

Puss-Tea is a feminine wellness brand dedicated
to making small batch, non toxic, no BS feminine
products that help with problems that we as women
experience. Read our story to see what we are about!
Prior to becoming a mother PussTea was created to help
me regulate my cycle and hormones when hormonal
birth control, and other OTC drugs wouldn’t. Through a
positive attitude, consistency, and the healing power of
the herbs in our original blend cramp free tea — I was
able to heal from cycle irregularities. From then on my
goal was to help others like myself!

Flora Flexin' Probiotic

Kitty health starts in your gut! Flora Flexin’ helps to reduce odor, support urinary tract health, boost your immune system, balance vaginal ph and flora, and promote healthy digestion.

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily with or without food.

Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus 10 bil,
cranberry, chlorella, magnesium sterate