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Who Are We?

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Why Shop PussTea?

We love our natural side.

We know the affects of OTC painkillers and the feminine products. We create products that are naturally meant to align you, your body, and your PussTea.

We understand your needs.

As women we understand you more than anyone else. We used our own struggle with finding the "perfect" product to formulate PussTea for all women!

We are women too.

We are a small black owned and women owned business - we keep the PussTea poppin' and help our community to grow when you shop.

The proof is in the tea.

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Tea Talk.

I had my first cup of tea after I got my first period after labor. My cramps weren’t too bad so I wasn’t all that sure if it really worked. Wasn’t until my second period when the Holy Gods of all cramp Gods struck me like lightning. I had two cups of hot tea and next thing you know I forgot I even had cramps . Took me a good minute to say “oh ship it worked” . The cramps eased it self a way that I didn’t even realize it . Until PussTea let’s me down , I won’t be picking up another bottle of pain relievers !


I was looking for something to clear up a yeast infection and the OTC didn’t really help. I used Delete That and just as promised it clear up that weekend. I had a doctor’s appt the next week and ALL clear! I used the Mist me and it smells so good I’ve been misting my whole body. 😀


I absolutely LOVE my PussTea products! The mist me oil is my favorite! I even carry one on the go! Not only does it leave me feeling fresh and sweet, but I noticed it has been helping my skin!